Team-friendly deal? Dak Prescott explains why Cowboys shouldn’t need to go that way


Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Amari Cooper can do more than just run routes and catch passes. He can solve a Rubik’s Cube insanely fast.

DALLAS – Dak Prescott knows questions swirl about whether he’s worth the contract extension he soon will command and whether he can meet the sky-high expectations that come with quarterback megadeals in today’s NFL.

Can Prescott find the success that a team hopes for when writing such a big check?

To Prescott, the question isn’t simple.

“Success is such a big umbrella in my eyes,” Prescott told USA TODAY Sports. “I don’t even think about judging myself or taking the pros and cons, pluses and minuses of what I did to reach that until I hang up the cleats. So for me it’s about just being the best I can and making sure I’m getting better each and every year in all those aspects of life.

“It’s much bigger than to say I’ve reached success or I’ve earned my money or earned what people put the dollar amount as worth. It’s bigger than that.”

The question of what he’s…

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