NFL franchise tag deadline: What you need to know heading into Monday


SportsPulse: In a one-on-one with Jori Epstein, Dak Prescott discusses the latest in his contract negotiations and why he thinks the Cowboys can keep everyone paid long term.

Monday marks this year’s NFL deadline for franchise-tagged players to sign long-term extensions. Business has actually been relatively brisk as it relates to the 2019 tag market, half of the six players who were initially franchised having already banked lucrative new deals — though two pass rushers had to switch teams in the process.

There’s unlikely to be any Le’Veon Bell-level drama amid this summer’s still-unresolved negotiations, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t subplots worth monitoring. 

Here’s what you need to know about the landscape as the clock winds down on the three players still hoping for long-term security and a hefty raise.

When is the actual deadline?

Players have until 4 p.m. ET on Monday to sign new multi-year deals in lieu of their one-year tag.

What if the deadline passes?

Anyone still bearing the tag on Monday evening is ineligible for an extension…

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