Might an all-time great WR quit football over a helmet?


Published 6:21 a.m. ET Aug. 12, 2019 | Updated 6:37 a.m. ET Aug. 12, 2019


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The Antonio Brown saga continues as the Oakland Raiders prepare for the 2019 season.

From head to toe, the seven-time Pro Bowl selection and four-time first-team all-pro Brown has been an aggravation for his new team.

First, according to “PFT Live” co-host Chris Simms, Brown suffered frostbite on his feet after not having proper footwear in a cryogenic machine.

Then, on Friday, a stunning development made the Brown experience even more strange. Brown filed a grievance against the NFL over his helmet. Brown wears a helmet model that is no longer produced, and went so far as to re-paint his Steelers helmet to colors similar to, but not quite matching, those of the Raiders.

Brown is drawing a line in the sand over his preferred hat, saying that if he can’t wear his helmet that he would quit football.

For now, Raiders coach Jon Gruden defends the mercurial receiver, saying, “I’ve got a feeling he would play with no helmet, that’s how much he loves to play.”

Antonio Brown won’t give up his precious helmet. (Photo: Kirby Lee, USA TODAY Sports)

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