Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill denies 2014 domestic assault in full audio from recorded conversation with fiancée

A Kansas City radio station on Tuesday aired the entirety of a recorded conversation that it says took place between Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill and his fiancée, Crystal Espinal, at a Dubai airport earlier this year.

KCSP-AM broadcast the recording, which is 11 minutes long and has not been independently authenticated by USA TODAY Sports, multiple times during its afternoon program “The Drive.”

Excerpts of the audio had previously been broadcast by KCTV5 and likely contributed to the Chiefs’ decision to suspend Hill on April 25.

The NFL is investigating allegations of child abuse against Hill involving his 3-year-old son. NFL Network reported that league investigators have had access to the complete audio recording that was broadcast Tuesday for several months.

While portions of the audio had already been publicly released by KCTV5, the full recording broadcast by KCSP-AM includes a lengthy exchange about a previous domestic violence incident involving Hill and Espinal, which led to Hill’s dismissal from the Oklahoma State football team in 2014.

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