Ranking the best and worst NBA fits for Zion Williamson


SportsPulse: Although tanking may have been a good strategy in the past, the odds don’t really favor bad teams in the new NBA draft lottery format.

At some point Tuesday night, we’re going to expect a comment from assumed No. 1 overall draft pick Zion Williamson about whichever team lands the opportunity to select him during the NBA draft lottery in Chicago. 

Of course, we more or less already know what Williamson is going to say. He’s going to smile and talk about how it’s been his lifelong dream to go No. 1 and how he’s going to be extremely grateful to whichever franchise decides to draft him. 

Zion Williamson is waiting for the NBA draft lottery and to see which team gets the first overall pick in June. (Photo: Jeremy Brevard, USA TODAY Sports)

But of course, it’s human nature to have preferences about where you’re going to start your career. Being part of a good franchise can help define a players’ legacy. Being stuck on a team with bad ownership that can’t be trusted to put a competent supporting cast around a star player is a recipe for dysfunction. 

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