Opinion: You can blame Tiger Woods for a lot, but not the death of young employee


Last year’s PGA Championship winner, Brooks Koepka, on what it will take for him to defend his title at Bethpage Black in New York.

There are plenty of mistakes and misdeeds for which Tiger Woods can be blamed or held responsible.  

The death of an employee at his restaurant is not one of them. 

The 15-time major champion and his girlfriend, Erica Herman, are being sued by the parents of Nicholas Immesberger, a 24-year-old bartender who worked at The Woods and died in an alcohol-fueled car crash in December. Immesberger’s parents claim that Woods and Herman, the restaurant’s general manager, knew Immesberger had a drinking problem and yet allowed fellow employees to keep serving him.  

“When he needed them, they kind of just looked the other way,” Immesberger’s mother, Mary Belowsky, said at a news conference Tuesday. 

It’s understandable that Belowsky and Immesberger’s father, Scott Duchene, are heartbroken over their son’s death. At 24, the whole world was still in front of him. It’s also understandable that, in their hurt and anger, they want someone else to feel some of their pain. Or think maybe it will shed…

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