Opinion: US women did what was necessary in 13-0 blowout of Thailand


SportsPulse: We’ve all seen the iconic image of Brandi Chastain winning the 1999 Women’s World Cup. But as teammate and legendary goalkeeper Briana Scurry explains, that moment almost didn’t happen.

REIMS, France — This is the World Cup, not a rec league tournament. Mercy has no place here. 

Not from the U.S. women, who had waited almost three years to avenge the most humiliating loss in the program’s storied history at the Rio Olympics. Not for a team that has listened to the whispers and rumbles for months now about how the days of their dynasty might be ending and heard since Friday how brilliant and devastating France looked in its World Cup opener.

Even if you think the 13-0 victory over Thailand on Tuesday night was absurd, what is the threshold? Should have they throttled it back after the seventh goal? Or the eighth? After halftime even, when it was 3-0? 

By that standard, why not just call the game after the U.S. scored its first goal, given that was all it needed. Because it’s the World Cup, and goal differential matters. 

So, too, does the spirit with which you play the game. They don’t give out participation trophies or orange slices…

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