Opinion: Slow down, Browns — you're a long way from becoming 'the new Patriots'


SportsPulse: The NFL draft is over. Trysta Krick looks ahead to the story lines that will define the 2019 season for every team in the AFC.

Enough already with this Super Bowl destiny stuff for the Cleveland Browns.

Two weeks ago, Greedy Williams was drafted in the second round out of LSU and then promptly declared …

“The Browns are going to the Super Bowl this year.”

Now, Odell Beckham Jr., in a fresh GQ article, is talking about turning the Browns into …

“The new Patriots.”

Sure, the Browns are a team on the rise that deserves our attention. On a basic level, there’s nothing wrong with OBJ, Greedy (given name: Andraez), Baker Mayfield, Myles Garrett, et al., to go about their business of trying to win in the NFL with the  utmost confidence.

But this has become so ridiculous.

Try this, Brownies: Win a playoff game.

That’s impossible to achieve in May. Victories in OTAs and minicamps don’t count in January. As it stands now, these newfound expectations of Browns greatness have set them up to overtake the Steelers — an AFC North bully of the highest order — as the NFL’s biggest tease.

Some fast facts: The Browns (7-8-1 last season)…

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