Opinion: Serena Williams will never stop equality fight. Billie Jean King would have it no other way

Sometimes, journalism and social media work together in the most interesting way.

After Serena Williams’ shocking loss in Saturday’s Wimbledon final, a reporter had an equally surprising question for Serena:

“There have been a few comments made in the last couple of weeks from people like Billie Jean King that maybe you should stop being a celebrity for a year and stop fighting for equality and just focus on tennis. How do you respond to that?”

Without questioning the role of King, a renowned women’s rights advocate, in the premise of the question, Serena produced her best shot of the day:

“Well, the day I stop fighting for equality and for people that look like you and me will be the day I’m in my grave.”

Serena’s all-world answer quickly worked its way around social media, even finding its way to the Twitter account of one of the top Democratic presidential candidates when Sen. Kamala Harris, D.-Calif., retweeted a video of the question and answer, saying, “@serenawilliams is right. We must never stop fighting for equality.”


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