Opinion: In Tiger Woods' win, CBS coverages masters hyperbole and sappiness


SportsPulse: Tiger Woods actually did it. He won the Masters. Trysta Krick explains why it’s the greatest comeback story in the history of sports.

It’s impossible to overstate how big Tiger Woods winning the Masters on Sunday was.

Wait, no, it turns out it is possible. Look no further than CBS Sports coverage of the final round for proof.

Don’t get me wrong, I root for Woods, always, for reasons I’ll explain, and this is the biggest sports story imaginable, at least at the moment. It’s huge, without question. I also understand the excitement on the part of CBS — the ratings for Sunday are going to be astronomical.

But once it was clear that Woods was going to win his first major championship in 11 years the CBS coverage became so downright gooey the television screen practically dripped.

After sinking his final putt, the crowd went wild and started shouting, “Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!” To be sure, this is not Masters behavior. This is Phoenix Open behavior. But it was unstoppable. Woods has overcome addictions, injuries and some pretty horrible choices since the last time he won a major, and now he was back.

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