Ohio State Finds Team Doctor Sexually Abused 177 Male Students

Ohio State has concluded that a team doctor sexually abused at least 177 men, including many varsity athletes, while working for the university in the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s. The university also found that college officials knew about the actions for years and did not act to stop them.

In a report issued Friday, Ohio State said the doctor, Richard Strauss, who committed suicide in 2005, had groped students, required them to strip, and asked intimate questions about sexual practices under the guise of providing medical treatment.

The university said that college personnel knew about Dr. Strauss’s activities as early as 1979 but that no reports advanced out of the athletic department or student health department until 1996. After his actions were finally reported, he was suspended and then removed from his post, but he remained a tenured faculty member. Dr. Strauss then opened an off-campus clinic and continued to abuse students. He was still a professor emeritus at the time of his death, though Ohio State said Friday that it would begin the process of revoking that status.

Athletes reported coming in for treatment for a variety of ailments, including one who had a sore throat,…

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