Nurse Denied Guinness Record Because She Wore Pants at Marathon Finally Gets Title

LONDON — A British nurse who was denied a Guinness World Record because she ran the 2019 London Marathon in pants instead of a dress was granted her title this week after a public outcry over what many called outdated and sexist criteria.

The nurse, Jessica Anderson, beat a record set in 2015 — for the fastest woman to run the marathon in a nurse’s uniform — by 32 seconds while wearing a baggy blue scrub: her uniform as an employee of the National Health Service in the East End of London.

Jessica Anderson crossed the finish line of the London Marathon in 3 hours 8 minutes 22 seconds.CreditEric Tolentino, via Jessica Anderson

“They said it had to be a white or blue dress, pinafore apron and white cap or it wouldn’t count as a record,” Ms. Anderson said on Sunday, adding, “I didn’t want to wear that, so I chose to wear my real uniform.”

The 2015 record-holder had worn a blue and white striped dress, an apron and a Red Cross cap.

But Ms. Anderson’s record, 3 hours 8 minutes 22 seconds, at the marathon on April 28 was initially rejected by the tracking organization, spurring an outpouring of anger on social media. Nurses posted photos of their real uniforms on…

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