Minnesota Vikings rookie to serve military commitment while playing his first two seasons


Minnesota Vikings long snapper Austin Cutting might be staring down a busier rookie season than your average NFL player. 

The seventh-round draft pick will be serving a mandatory two-year military commitment with the Air Force throughout the first two seasons of his professional playing career, his agent told the St. Paul Pioneer Press. 

The 22-year-old will be used in a recruiting role for the Air Force, his agent told the Pioneer Press. 

Cutting, the only long snapper selected in this year’s draft, is expected to sign a four-year, $2.59 million contract, the Pioneer Press reported. However, if he were to end up on another team, the terms of his military commitment would remain the same.

“All the parties are benefiting by this,” Cutting’s agent, Darren Deloatche told the Pioneer Press. “Austin is getting this opportunity right here, right now in the NFL. The Vikings are benefiting because they’ve got a legitimate long-snapping battle in camp with two talented individuals. And all branches of the military are benefiting because student-athletes are going to see that … if they have the talent to play professionally, they will get that opportunity when they…

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