Megan Rapinoe has message for President Donald Trump in CNN interview with Anderson Cooper


SportsPulse: The U.S. women are World Cup champions, yet again. The Americans lived up to all of the pre-tournament hype and expectations claiming their fourth title. And as Nancy Armour puts it, their impact will be long lasting on and off the field.

A day before a ticker-tape parade will be held in lower Manhattan’s Canyon of Heroes, World Cup champion and U.S. national women’s soccer team captain Megan Rapinoe went through the media car wash Tuesday.

Rapinoe’s interviews touched on a number of topics, from equal pay for women’s players to the cultural impact of winning the World Cup, and, of course, President Donald Trump.

During the World Cup, Trump — who seemingly is incapable of finding a topic that he won’t politicize — created an international media firestorm when he took issue with a months-old video of Rapinoe saying that she wouldn’t go to the White House.

So, on the same day Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said that Rapinoe accepted an invitation for the USWNT to celebrate its World Cup victory with a visit to Congress, the team’s captain also confirmed that there has been no invitation to visit the White House, yet.

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