McDougald wants to play strong safety in Seahawks defense

Published 8:01 p.m. ET June 12, 2019

RENTON, Wash. (AP) — Bradley McDougald’s versatility has proven to be one of his most valuable assets since joining the Seattle Seahawks before the 2017 season.

While he’s still willing to use that adaptability to get on the field, McDougald does have a preference on where he would like to play in Seattle’s defense.

“I’m fully prepared to come in and play strong safety,” McDougald said. “I’m willing to compete and battle with whoever. I can do both but I prefer to play in the box closer to the line of scrimmage. There is more for me to do there in the run game and man-to-man coverages.”

During his time in Seattle, McDougald has risen from being a little hyped free agent signing to one of the most important pieces of the defense. He’s started 25 of the 32 regular-season games he’s played with the Seahawks, splitting time between strong safety and free safety. Last season, McDougald started 14 games at strong safety and a pair at free safety.

But with Seattle drafting safety Marquise Blair and safety/cornerback Ugo Amadi this year, it’s opened up the option of moving McDougald around.

“I’m always willing to do whatever…

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