Mayor Larry Bird 'literally rooted against Larry Bird his whole career'

Far, far away from Indianapolis, where the palm trees bluster in the breeze — 1,997 miles away in Hesperia, California — is a mayor named Larry Bird. No. He wasn’t named after that other Larry Bird. That Larry Bird was only in kindergarten when the mayor was born.

Mayor Bird’s family owned this name long before Indiana had even heard a whisper of its beloved French Lick baller turned Boston Celtics superstar.

The late 50s-something Mayor Bird’s dad is Larry Bird and his grandpa is Larry Bird. His son is the fourth generation of Larry Birds.

Yet Mayor Bird, even with a reign over a city of nearly 100,000 people and a job as a high school principal, has never quite been able to get away from the basketball version of his name. Every day. Every time. When people hear his name, they reference the Larry Bird.

Mayor Bird can hold his own with the Larry Bird talk. He knows all about him. Too much about him.

He rooted against Larry Bird his entire life.

Rough as a rival

Mayor Bird was a senior in high school,…

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