In op-ed, LeBron James' agent Rich Paul sees big problem with so-called 'Rich Paul Rule'



With color restrictions officially lifted last August, NBA players turned to designers like Salvador Amezcua, and many are planning shoes for now.

LeBron James blasted the NCAA last week for its new set of rules that requires agents wanting to work with student-athletes to adhere to a specific set of criteria. His agent, who many believe the rule targeted, responded Monday. 

Rich Paul is the CEO and founder of Klutch Sports, the agency that represents James and his fellow Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis among other NBA players, penned an op-ed for The Athletic and said that while he is flattered the measure is being referred to as “The Rich Paul Rule,” it’s not necessarily accurate. 

“It has no impact on me or the business of Klutch Sports Group,” he wrote. “However, it does have a significant impact on people like me, and the NCAA should be called out for it.” 

The NCAA’s criteria includes making a bachelor’s degree mandatory (Paul does not have one), passing an in-person exam at the NCAA…

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