Hope Solo: Moving on after both success and controversy

Hope Solo has moved on.

She was in goal four years ago when the United States won the Women’s World Cup in Canada. She will be a spectator when the team seeks to defend its title starting June 7 in France.

Solo was dismissed following the 2016 Olympics in Brazil after calling the Swedish team “cowards” for taking a defensive stance against the defending gold medalists — ending a laudable playing career that was also marred by controversy.

Solo’s name will still be bandied about this summer, drawing both comparisons and questions: Would the United States be a stronger contender if it had the 37-year-old Solo, who was arguably still at the top of her game when she had her nasty breakup with U.S. Soccer? And her story will again be told.

Solo has no regrets, no apologies.

“I will tell you that I am really happy where I am in life, that I fulfilled everything that I wanted to fulfill on the field. If I would have retired without a World Cup trophy, I think I never would have been able to settle into my new lifestyle. But luckily we won that 2015 World Cup and I was able to win a couple of Golden Gloves, which was a personal goal of mine, and a couple of gold medals. I hold almost…

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