Fred VanVleet needs stitches, has badly chipped tooth after taking elbow to the face


SportsPulse: Much will be made about the demise of the Warriors dynasty and the absence of Kevin Durant, but it is time to give props to the Toronto Raptors. They look and are playing like champions.

OAKLAND, Calif. — Did Fred VanVleet, the Toronto Raptors point guard, really lose a tooth during a nasty collision in Game 4 of the NBA Finals?

After the Raptors beat the Golden State Warriors 105-92 Friday night, VanVleet showed up for his postgame media session with gauze and small bandages under his right eye but no tooth-revealing grin. So the mystery lingered after what appeared to be a tooth was spotted on the court.

Until a reporter inquired about the tooth.

VanVleet forced a wide smile.

“Does that answer your question?’’ he asked.

VanVleet’s left front tooth was badly chipped — but he clearly hadn’t lost it, or lost his sense of humor when someone asked if he felt more Canadian now that he had a chipped tooth.

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