ESPN's Mark Jackson 'sees game like very few others'

Published 2:56 a.m. ET June 10, 2019

Mark Jackson has always had a different way viewing sports. He didn’t just listen and watch, he observed the action.

The three-dimensional approach has served him well.

“I listened as a fan, I watched as a wannabe coach and wannabe player. I would listen to the games in a weird way as a kid, and that’s in every sport,” Jackson said. “Each time I learned, especially as an announcer, what to do and what not to do.”

Even some of Jackson’s favorite sayings — including “Mama, there goes that man” and “Hand down, man down” — came from his youth and playing pickup games.

After his 17-year playing career in the NBA, Jackson spent three seasons coaching the Golden State Warriors and has had two stints with ESPN as an analyst.

This is Jackson’s 11th finals working alongside Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy, which is the most on television for any sport by a black game analyst. He is three behind Joe Morgan for most on TV and radio. Morgan called 14 World Series, with 11 on radio and three on television.

Game 5 is Monday night in Toronto with the Raptors one win away from knocking off Golden State and winning their first NBA…

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