Draft, free agency … and lots of questions await the NBA

Published 12:18 p.m. ET June 14, 2019

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is expected to open next week’s draft by announcing that Zion Williamson is the No. 1 overall selection headed to New Orleans. And four months after that, Silver will be in Toronto on opening night to help the Raptors hand out championship rings and watch them raise a banner.

There are few other certainties in the NBA right now.

The league has a new champion and a new landscape. Toronto has climbed to the mountaintop, defeating a Golden State team that lost All-Stars Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson to major injuries toward the end of the NBA Finals. For the first time in a half-decade, the Warriors won’t be the overwhelming favorites to win it all next season. They might not even be favored to win the Western Conference.

“I think true champions like we are, we should be able to adapt and keep this same kind of DNA no matter what our roster looks like next year,” Warriors guard Stephen Curry said. “And have high hopes about being back on this stage, whether it looks the same or not.”

It won’t look the same. Not much will next season.

The champion Raptors don’t know…

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