Colts knew of Bobby Okereke's sexual assault allegation before drafting Stanford LB


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The Indianapolis Colts reviewed a Title IX case of alleged sexual assault involving 2019 draft pick Bobby Okereke during his time at Stanford, and citing the fact that Okereke was never convicted by the university, or formally charged by the authorities, felt comfortable taking him 89th overall in April.

It was Okereke who initially made the team aware of the alleged incident during an interview at the Senior Bowl in late January. Okereke, practicing with the Colts on Wednesday, was not available to comment.

“He was very honest about his side of the story and what occurred,” GM Chris Ballard said Wednesday.

The team said it vetted Okereke’s background further, interviewing him at length about the incident as well as several sources from Stanford. The Colts also reviewed the Title IX investigation, but, citing the fact that no formal charges were ever filed, and no discipline was ever brought by the university, did not speak with the complainant.

“We talked it through, and look, at the end of…

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