Chase Winovich curbing his bold comments after being drafted by New England Patriots


What I’m Hearing: USA TODAY Sports’ Jarrett Bell is on hand for the NFL owners meeting in Florida and tells us what he’s hearing regarding news surrounding the draft and combine.

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Be seen and not heard.

That’s an essential rookie rule for Chase Winovich as he embarks on the brave, new world of pro football in the Land of Six Rings.

Winovich, you see, was an accomplished-but-mouthy sort at Michigan. He had the audacity to refer to archrival Michigan State as the Wolverines’ “little brother” after a victory last fall. A few weeks later, he called a 62-39 thumping from Ohio State “a mirage,” drawing the ire of Buckeyes Nation.

As a soundbite waiting to tick off any given fan base, he was, well, a media darling.

But Winovich is now trying to stick with the New England Patriots, an operation with its own sort of reputation as the most buttoned-down championship unit since the USSR hockey team of the ‘70s.

He knows. To fit into the culture often referred to as the Patriot Way, he must restrain himself.

“I don’t know if it’s so much the Patriots,” Winovich, a third-round defensive end, said after Wednesday’s minicamp…

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