Brooks Koepka is running up the score and demoralizing the PGA Championship field


SportsPulse: Golfweek’s Geoff Shackelford is in Long Island at the PGA Championship and discusses the potential history that Brooks Koepka could make on the final day of the PGA Championship.

FARMINGDALE, N.Y. — Right when Tiger Woods was first starting his comeback and showing signs of life, in early 2018, it was common to hear younger players talk about how badly they wished they could have played against him in his prime.

It’s golf’s version of ‘We Want Bama,’ and it’s fun to think about slaying the king until you’re down to your third-string quarterback trailing 56-0.

Brooks Koepka’s run that will inevitably reach four major wins in his last eight tries Sunday at the PGA Championship is the closest thing we have seen to Woods’ prime performances. Koepka crushed the rest of the field before halftime, and a new generation of golfers is learning what Vijay Singh, Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els knew long ago.

Having a chance to win is a lot more fun than getting smashed by the same dude over and over again.

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