American League wins MLB All-Star Game to extend winning streak to seven games


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CLEVELAND – Mercifully, they played the 90th All-Star Game before talk of juiced baseballs and absurd home run totals devoured the narrative. And for a night, it was not about how far the pearls traveled so much as how well the pitchers manipulated them.

The American League ran its streak of conquests to seven with a 4-3 victory at Progressive Field, quieting a National League lneup that featured two players – Christian Yelich and Cody Bellinger – who hit a combined 61 home runs before the All-Star break.

Tuesday night, the sluggers for the most part gave way to the hard-throwing men on the mound in front of them.

Breaking down the AL’s victory:

The game: This was Modern Baseball at its finest – where the facets of what make the game occasionally ugly these days shone brightly.

Strikeouts? Sure, tons of them – 16 by AL pitchers, seven from NL pitchers. But these seemed not the result of flailing batters but rather pitching brilliance.

With every pitcher tossing just an inning, the velocity…

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