Aaron Rodgers offers retort for other NFL QBs on chugging beer


Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers discusses memories he has of Bart Starr, who used to write Rodgers and Brett Favre letters.
Olivia Reiner, PackersNews

GREEN BAY – At first, David Bakhtiari just wanted to get a reaction. He was eating dinner with teammate Aaron Rodgers and a mutual friend, an employee for the Milwaukee Bucks, before a playoff game against the Boston Celtics when he learned he’d be on the JumboTron that night.

Bakhtiari had no problem with that. He just needed to figure out what to do in his five seconds of fame.

“We were talking with Aaron,” Bakhtiari said, “and I was like, ‘I think I’m going to chug a beer.’ Why not? Get the crowd really amped up. People enjoy a nice beer chug.”

People in Wisconsin, as Bakhtiari would soon learn, especially enjoy a nice beer chug.

His ability to drink beer quickly – one unofficial count had his chug clocked at 2.96 seconds – became a phenomenon overnight. Even Bakthiari couldn’t have anticipated how widespread the reaction would become.

“I think we got the desired effect, exactly how Dave wanted it,” Rodgers said. “Just more attention for him. The big guys, they don’t get a lot of…

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